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Founded in 2006 with registered capital of RMB 10,500,000, Daqing Wanke Oilfield Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd now occupies 190.8 hectares and possesses fixed assets of RMB 80,000,000, and has been identified in 2006 as a high-tech enterprise in Daqing City. The company enjoys strong technical force and highly capable personnel, now possessing 168 employees including 152 persons engaged in production and 16 persons engaged in management. Among the employees, 30 persons have educational background of junior college and above, 3 persons are of senior professional title and 16 persons are of intermediate professional title.
The company has an annual output of 8,000 tons drill stems and 50,000 tons oil pipes and casings. We also provide testing and repair service for drill stems, oil pipes and casings with annual testing and repair service capability of 6,000 tons drill stems and 15,000 tons oil pipes.
The company¡¯s overall technical equipment and processing techniques for production line of drill stems, oil pipes and casings are of world advanced level. The production line of drill stems adopts the advanced processing technique of US GRANT Corporation and is equipped with friction welding machine, digital lathe and program-controlled heat treatment facilities of Siemens control system. The testing equipment employs ARTIS-3 electromagnetic tube flaw detector from US OEM Corporation, magnetic particle flaw detector and digital ultrasonic flaw detector from Japan MARKTEC Corporation. The oil pipes and casings production line is equipped with advanced digitally-controlled lathe, program-controlled hydraulic press, torque-J value double-controlling coupling screw-on machine, screw thread magnetic particle flaw detector and full auto paint sprayer.





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